Our NÔBL Story

NÔBL was founded by a husband and wife duo, Joe and Van, along with their mom Vi, from Houston, TX.

In 2017, a drastic change in our lives was needed. We were caught up in a lifestyle that didn't align with our values. Our solution was to find clarity by leaving everything behind and seeing the world. 

We packed up our car and weiner dog and set out for a year long trip to learn how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. This leap of faith brought us to 11 states, 10 countries, introduced us to new friends, reconnected us with old ones, but most of all, re-introduced us to ourselves.

Through this journey, we brought our meditation practice with us. It was a constant reminder to stay present, have gratitude and to have compassion for everyone’s journey in life. We're all struggling and finding our way through this world, and meditation brought this out front and center.

We found inspiration while traveling and wanted to create a modern sustainable design to the traditional meditation zafu. We created a cushion that will aid in your meditation as well as aesthetically integrating into your home. NÔBL Cushions provides the foundation to root down in your meditation practice whether ten minutes or ten hours.  When not used for meditation, it is perfect for lounging, playing with children, or used as a cozy sitting area in your living room.

At NÔBL, we strive to ethically source our materials and stay conscious of our environmental impact. We sourced 100% Raw Organic cotton, pre-washed, for a soft lived in feel the moment it arrives. Our zafu, the top cushion, is filled with organic buckwheat hulls from the Midwest region of the United States.  Buckwheat hulls are the outer shell of the buckwheat grains and we up-cycle this material for our cushions. The NÔBL zabuton, the bottom cushion, is filled with raw natural cotton from Texas and Georgia. 

We are excited to be part of your journey to greater mindfulness. Treat yourself with the luxury of time. Time to let the mind relax, settle, breathe and focus on the present moment. NÔBL is honored to aid you on the path to a more thoughtful and fulfilled life.

A glimpse of our journey starting NÔBL: