Sitting with Intention

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice in awareness, a training of the mind to be fully present. Meditation is not turning off your thoughts, but instead to be aware of them without judgement.  Then once you've observed your thoughts, return your focus back on the breath, the present moment.

Benefits of Meditation
 Focus, Better Sleep, Reduces Stress
Increased Energy, Clarity, Better Mood


Health Benefits Mental Benefits Spiritual Benefits
Lowers blood pressure Sharpens Focus Self Awareness
Decreases tension pain Reduces stress Gratitude
Increases serotonin Improves mood Intuition
Increases energy Happier overall being
Quality of sleep improves Sparks Creativity


It may not feel like you are doing it right.  That's why it's called a practice.  With a consistent practice, you will notice subtle benefits that will seep into your daily life, changes in how you react and overall mood. 

Know Metta, Do better.