About NÔBL

As good as sit gets

Our mission is to spread mindful living and inspiring a focus on mental health through our products.

NÔBL Cushions is a meditation lifestyle brand focused on combining the values of the millennia-old practice of meditation and modern minimalist aesthetics to encourage you to a life of conscious living. Our product is designed to encourage focusing on the present moment.


NÔBL • /nōbəl/ • adjective 1. Having or showing qualities of high moral traits, such as courage, generosity, or honor: a nobl spirit. 


Natural. Sustainable. Conscious. Organic. 

The NÔBL Cushion outer cover is 100% organic GOTS certified, un-bleached, pre-washed cotton fabric providing a natural lived in feel. The top cushion is filled with organic buckwheat sourced from farmers in the midwest, 100% organic and compostable.  The bottom cushion is stuffed with a natural cotton batting from Texas and Georgia. We are proud that our cushion is made ethically by up-cycling sustainable materials and minimizing our impact on the environment .

Read more about our organic certification.